Modify Configurations

The Modify Configurations dialog box provides a table where you can create and modify configurations for commonly configured parameters in parts and assemblies.

Alternatively, you can create and modify configurations manually or with a design table.


You can perform the following operations in the Modify Configurations dialog box:
  • Add, delete, and rename configurations.
  • Create, edit, and delete configuration-specific custom properties.
  • Rename features and dimensions.
  • Unconfigure parameters.
In parts, you can configure:
  • Dimensions of features and sketches
  • Suppression states of features and sketches
  • Material
  • Custom properties
In assemblies, you can configure:
  • Component configurations to use
  • Dimensions of assembly features and mates
  • Suppression states of components, assembly features, and mates
  • Custom properties

Working with the Table

You can manipulate the table to:
  • Add and remove feature parameters
  • Change the active configuration
  • Rearrange columns
You can name and save multiple views of the table for future reference and editing.
Tables are saved in the Tables folder in the ConfigurationManager tab.