Example of Aligning Patterned Instances Using a Hole Wizard Feature

When a Pattern Driven Component Pattern uses a Hole Wizard feature as the driving feature, you can align the patterned instances to each hole axis.

To align patterned instances using a Hole Wizard feature:

  1. Open a model that contains a hole feature.
    In this example, you pattern a rivet to a hole feature to connect 2 plates.
    Top view of 2 plates
    Side view of 2 plates
  2. Click Linear Component Pattern > Pattern Driven Component Pattern (Assembly toolbar).
  3. In the PropertyManager, select the following items:
    1. For Components to Pattern, select the rivet.

    2. For Driving feature or component, select the hole feature.
    3. Click Select Seed Position and select the seed component.

  4. Click OK .

    The pattern for the rivets matches the hole pattern.

    Top view of 2 plates
    Side view of 2 plates