Example of Modifying an Instance in a Pattern

You can vary the linear or angular spacing of individual instances of linear and circular component patterns to override the pattern spacing.

This example modifies an instance of a linear component pattern by moving a bracket away from a pipe.

To modify an instance in a pattern:

  1. Open a model that contains a linear component pattern.
  2. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the linear component pattern and click Edit Feature .
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Instances to Override, click in Modified instances .
    In the graphics area, pink selection orbs display on the pattern instances.

  4. Click the selection orb for the instance closest to the pipe and click Modify Instance.

  5. In the callout, modify the value for Dir 1 offset from nominal to -60mm and click outside of the callout.

    A shadow instance appears in the new position.

  6. In the PropertyManager, click .
    The bracket is no longer behind the pipe.