State transition conditions Dialog Box

Use the State transition conditions dialog box to specify the file paths and states that trigger the Dispatch action.

To display this dialog box:

Enable During state transition in the Edit Action dialog box and click Conditions.

Path Specifies the path to the files that trigger the Dispatch action. Use '%' as a wildcard character in paths. For example, %\project\%.bmp triggers the action if the condition is met for any of the .bmp files in the project folder. Specify the '%' symbol alone to trigger the action if any file in the vault enters the target state.
Target Lets you select the target workflow state. If the file (or files) specified in the path enters the target workflow state, the action is triggered. For example, a target of Default Workflow.Approved causes the action to occur each time a file matching the specified path is sent to the Approved state in the default workflow.
After change state has occurred Triggers the action after the workflow state changes (default).
Before change state has occurred When the specified state change is about to occur, the action is triggered.
How the settings you choose for Activation time are applied with parallel transitions is affected by the requirement that multiple users run the transition before the file is moved to the new state.
After state change has occurred The Dispatch action runs once when the final required user transitions the file and the file has moved to the new state.
Before state change has occurred The script runs for each required user who transitions the file, before the file's state changes. For example if three users are required to complete the transition, the script runs three times.

If a user revokes the transition, the Dispatch script is not run and the Dispatch actions that were run when the file was originally transitioned are not undone. Any changes made to the file using the script remain after the transition is revoked.