Creating Dispatch Action Scripts

Dispatch action scripts let you configure one or more commands to be triggered by conditions you define. For example, you might trigger a check-in of files in a specified vault folder if a particular workflow state is entered.

To help create your Dispatch script, view script samples on the install DVD under \SWPDMClient\Support\Dispatch\Dispatch Examples.

To create a Dispatch action script:

  1. In the Administration tool, expand the Add-ins node, right-click Dispatch.CAF, and select Administrate Actions.
    You must be logged in as a user with permission to administrate add-ins
  2. Click Add in the Administrate Actions dialog box.
  3. In the Edit Action dialog box, type a name for the Dispatch action in the Action name text box.
  4. Describe the Dispatch action in the Description text box.
  5. Select the activation method to trigger the Dispatch script by clicking Menu command, During state transition, During check out, or During add.
  6. Add commands to the script by clicking Add.
  7. In the Select Command dialog box, define variables needed in your Dispatch script by clicking Variables.