Configuring the Message System

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, you can configure SOLIDWORKS PDM to send notifications using the default database message system or an SMTP mail server. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard supports only the default database message system.

To configure the message system in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional:

  1. Double-click Message System.
  2. From the General tab of the Message System dialog box, select a message system: Database or SMTP.

    If you select Database, no additional configuration is required. If you select SMTP, the SMTP Settings tab appears.

  3. To configure the SMTP server:
    1. Click the SMTP Settings tab.
    2. Type the Server name or IP number and the Port number.
    3. If the SMTP server requires login, select Login required and type the User (user name) and Password.
    4. Type the From Address and From Name.
    5. To test the SMTP configuration, click Test Settings.
      The Test Settings dialog box displays the email address of the logged in user if it is defined.
    6. If an email address is not displayed, type an address.
    7. Click OK.
      The software attempts to send the email.

      If the message cannot be sent an error message appears. Use the message to troubleshoot the problem.

  4. Click OK.