Creating a File List Column Set

You can create a file list column set to add columns to the file view when users log in to a vault in Windows File Explorer.

The column set can be based on both file and folder data card variables. You can assign it to specific users or groups of users.

The columns that are added appear to the right of the standard columns. Users can change the position and size of the columns by dragging them to the required place.

To create a new file list column set:

  1. Log in to the Administration tool as a user with permission to update columns.
  2. Right-click Columns and select New Column Set.
  3. In the Customizable Columns dialog box, enter the Column set name.
  4. From Type, select File List.
  5. Under Columns, click New Column.
  6. Under Selected column:
    1. From Variable, select the data card variable or system variable (enclosed in < >) whose value should be displayed.
      Only the following system variables can be used in file list column sets: <Associated Item>, <Version Number>, and <ID>. The variable <Associated Item> is available for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only.
      The variable name you select appears in the Name field.
    2. If you want a different name to appear to users, modify Name.
    3. Specify the Alignment of the column value and the Default width of the column.
      You can modify the default width by moving the column dividers in the Preview.
    4. Select how configurations should be searched for the variable: Look for variable in all configurations or Look for variable in given list of configurations.
      These settings do not affect items or files without multiple configurations.

    For example, you can add the Version Number column by selecting <Version Number> from the Variable list.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add more columns.
  8. Use the Preview field to see how the columns will be displayed in Windows File Explorer.
  9. Under Users or Groups, select the users or groups that will see the column set.

    You can also specify the column set from the user's Properties dialog box.

    You can assign only one file list column set to a user per vault.
  10. Click OK.