Direct Mesh Referencing

After using the Mesh Prep Wizard, you can reference the mesh feature vertices to sketch directly on the mesh. Then you use the sketches to create surfaces and a solid model. Consumer product designers should use direct mesh referencing for complex shapes. You use direct mesh referencing because it is easier and more accurate than the Surface Wizard.

To use direct mesh referencing:

  1. Open a mesh file and prepare it using the Mesh Prep Wizard.
  2. Sketch spline points on the mesh that snap to mesh vertices.
    In this example, you open a mesh of a complex hand control device.
    DirMeshRef.gif Sketch
  3. Complete the sketches by referencing the key design areas of the mesh. Here is an example of sketch splines that capture the design intent.
  4. Use the sketches to create surfaces.
  5. Use surfacing tools (such as Untrim, Trim, and Extend), to trim unwanted surfaces. Then knit the surfaces together and thicken them to create a solid model. Apply fillets as necessary to complete the solid model.