Deviation Analysis PropertyManager

Use the Deviation Analysis PropertyManager to display deviations between the mesh and other entities created by referencing the mesh.

Colored mesh displays or colored spines show the deviation. Hover over the deviation for specific deviation values. You can save a detailed deviation report.

Analysis Type

  Surface to mesh deviation A colored display on the mesh shows the deviation between the extracted surface and the mesh. For each vertex in the mesh, the software calculates the closest point normal to the surface. DevAnlys_Surf.gif
  Curve to mesh deviation Colored spines along the curve show the deviation between sample points on the curve and the projected points on the mesh. DevAnlys_Curve.gif
  Mesh to mesh deviation Make an original mesh to use as a reference to create another working mesh. Measure back to the original mesh to ensure the working mesh remains within tolerance. DevAnlys_Mesh.gif

Analysis Parameters

PM_Mesh.gif Mesh or sub-mesh Select the mesh to which you are analyzing the deviation.
surface.png, select_edges.png, PM_Mesh.gif Surfaces, Curves, Source mesh or submesh Select the entities from which you are analyzing the deviation to the selected Mesh or sub-mesh.
pattern_linear_count.png Sensitivity Sets the number of sample points used. For curves, it also controls the number of spines displayed.
dim_lin_d1.png Upper bound Sets the upper deviation boundary.
Lower bound (not available for Curve to mesh deviation.) Sets the lower deviation boundary.
  Calculate Displays the deviation analysis.
  Report Saves a deviation analysis report as a .txt file.

Deviation Analysis

Set the colors used for the deviation analysis display. The software plots the values between the upper and lower bounds in continuously changing colors. Values above and below the bounds are plotted in a single color.