Creating Rules

Create rules to control how new models are generated from captured parameters and user inputs. The Rules pane lists the total number of rules (All) and incomplete rules (Missing) for each rule type.

To create rules:

  1. In the DriveWorksXpress Task Pane, select a model set up for DriveWorksXpress and click Rules .
    Captured items are listed by Rule Type.
  2. Under Edit, select the check boxes for the Rule Types to edit.
    You must edit each incomplete rule before running the model.
  3. Click Edit Rules.
  4. Select View List or View Tree.
    The list view lets you Show missing rules only and also reorder the columns.
    These icons are displayed in the list or tree:
    Rule Type Rule Built Rule Not Built
  5. Double-click an item without a rule.
  6. Use the DriveWorksXpress Rule Builder dialog box to create the required rule result and click OK.
  7. Repeat these steps until you have defined all the rules.