Property Tab Builder Overview

The Property Tab Builder is a stand-alone utility that you use to create a customized interface for entering properties into SOLIDWORKS files.

The tabs that you create with Property Tab Builder appear in the SOLIDWORKS software on the Custom Properties tab in the Task Pane. You can create different tab templates for parts, assemblies, drawings, and weldments.

You can enter properties on the Custom and Configuration Specific tabs in the Summary Information dialog box in the SOLIDWORKS software.

In companies with multiple SOLIDWORKS users, typically an administrator creates the customized tabs. Users then use these tabs in the SOLIDWORKS software to enter properties.

The installed version of the SOLIDWORKS software displays in the Property Tab Builder header. You can use this label to verify that you are creating a template for the version that the users have on their machines.

Opening Property Tab Builder

Do one of the following:

  • In the SOLIDWORKS software, on the SOLIDWORKS Resources tab of the Task Pane, click Property Tab Builder .
  • From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > Property Tab Builder version.
  • In the SOLIDWORKS software, on the Custom Properties tab in the Task Pane, click Create now. This option is available when a tab template does not exist for the active document type.

Property Tab Builder opens. The center pane contains the template that you create for the tab. You drag elements such as lists and check boxes from the left pane, and set attributes for those elements in the right pane.

Storing Templates

Save the tab templates in the same location as the properties.txt file. You can create multiple templates for each document type. The file extension indicates the template type:

  • .prtprp for parts
  • .asmprp for assemblies
  • .drwprp for drawings
  • .wldprp for weldments

To find the location of the properties.txt file, in the SOLIDWORKS software, click Options > File Locations. Select Custom Properties Files in Show folders for. The path appears under Folders.

To share the customized tab, store it on a network drive that is accessible by SOLIDWORKS users. The users can set their file location for Custom Properties Files to the network drive.