Path Properties PropertyManager

To open the Path Properties PropertyManager:

In Edit Sketch mode, select sketch entities with an existing path.


Existing Relations

Displays relations between the sketch entities that make up a path and the sketch entities with which the path interacts. For example, a cam (sketch entities that make up a path) and its follower interact and list a tangent relation.


Click Edit Path to:
  • Add sketch entities to create a path. This occurs after you select a sketch entity and click Make Path Tool_Make_Path_Sketch.gif (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Make Path .
  • Display the sketch entities that make up an existing path.
  • Select sketch entities to highlight them in the graphics area.
  • Remove sketch entities from the path.
    If the sketch entity you remove breaks the chain of sketch entities, you must recreate the path.

Path Length Dimension

Displays a path length dimension.

Select Driving to make the dimension a driving dimension and set a value for the path length.

This dimension can be referenced in custom properties, configurations, equations, or tables, including design tables and BOMs.