Making Paths

To create a path:

  1. Sketch a model to represent a cam and another model to represent a follower.
    path_cam.gif path_follower.gif
    Cam Follower
  2. Make each sketch a block, and position the cam below the follower.
    Although not required, making the sketches blocks provides more control of the sketches.
  3. Select an arc on the cam and click Make Path Tool_Make_Path_Sketch.gif (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Make Path .
  4. In the Path Properties PropertyManager, under Definition, click Edit Path.
  5. Add the remaining sketch entities that form the chain for Selected Entities, then click PM_OK.gif.
  6. Click Add Relation Tool_Add_Relation_Dimensions_Relations.gif (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Relations > Add :
    1. Add relations to the cam and follower to prevent motion that is extraneous to the intended motion between cam and follower.
      Relations added:
      • Horizontal
      • Vertical between midpoint (horizontal sketch entity and arc center)
      • Fix center of bottom arc

    2. Add a Tangent relation between the top arc of the cam and the bottom sketch entity of the follower.
  7. Click PM_OK.gif.
  8. Rotate the cam to preview the motion.