SketchXpert PropertyManager

Use the SketchXpert to resolve over-defined sketches.

To open this PropertyManager, in an open sketch, click Tools > Sketch Tools > SketchXpert.

If you select Always open this dialog when sketch error occurs, the SketchXpert PropertyManager appears as soon as you over-define 2D or 3D sketches.

Color codes represent the sketch states:

item_unsolvable.gif Item is Unsolvable

item_conflicts.gif Item Conflicts


Diagnose Generates a list of solutions.

Solutions appear under Results.

The relations or dimensions that would be deleted appear under More Information/Options.

Manual Repair All relations and dimensions in the sketch appear under Conflicting Relations/Dimensions.


Cycle through solutions using PM_cycle_backwards.gif or PM_cycle_forwards.gif. As you select a solution, it is highlighted in the graphics area.

Accept Applies the selected solution. The sketch is no longer over-defined.

More Information/Options

Lists the valid solutions generated when you click Diagnose.

Always open this dialog when sketch error occurs  

Conflicting Relations/Dimensions

Select a conflicting relation or dimension to highlight the conflict in the graphics area.

  Suppressed Suppresses the relation or dimension.
  Retracts one or more individual deletions.
  Delete Removes the selected relation or dimension.
  Delete All Removes all relations and dimensions.
You cannot use to undo Delete All, however you can use Undo tool_Undo_Standard.gif (Standard toolbar) to return the sketch to its previous state.
  Always open this dialog when sketch error occurs Opens dialog when errors occur.