Modifying a 2D Sketch Dimension with Instant2D

You can use Instant2D to dynamically manipulate sketch dimensions in sketch mode. You can click a dimension and quickly edit its values without opening Modify Dimension dialog box for resetting the geometry.

Instant2D functionality is similar to Instant3D, the only difference being Instant3D works outside sketch mode.

Instant2D is enabled by default. To toggle Instant2D mode, click Instant2D (Sketch toolbar).

To modify features using Instant2D:

  1. Open a part containing a 2D sketch entity and click Edit Sketch .
    Click Instant2D (Sketch toolbar) if the command is not enabled.
  2. Single-click the dimension close to the leader.
    The dimension handles appear.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Drag the dimension handles to modify the position of the sketch contours.
      A ruler appears. Use on-screen rulers to precisely measure modifications.
    2. Click the dimension value and enter the new dimension in the dimension input box.