Displaying a Ghost Image of a Missing Sketch Entity

If the reference for a sketch relation or dimension is missing, you can display a ghost image of that missing reference by hovering over or selecting the dangling relation or dimension.

The ghost image has the same size, shape, location, and orientation as the original entity.

The ghost image appears whenever you select a relation or dimension to that reference (for example, if you start the Display/Delete Relations or sketch entity PropertyManager).

To display a ghost image of a missing sketch entity:

  1. Open a document consisting of multiple sketches.

    For example, below are two sketches, one containing the top line and the other containing the bottom line and the angular dimension between the lines.

  2. Delete the sketch that contains the top line.
    The sketch now looks like this:

    Notice how the shading indicates that the dimension is dangling now that you deleted the top line.

  3. Hover over or select the angular dimension.
    A ghost image of the missing line appears.