CostingManager for Sheet Metal Parts

Use the CostingManager on the left side of the SOLIDWORKS software window to see how the Costing tool categorizes each operation required for manufacturing the part.

To display the CostingManager:

  1. In a sheet metal part, click Costing tool_costing_tools.gif (Tools toolbar or the Evaluate tab on the CommandManager) or Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Costing.
  2. If the software does not calculate a cost estimate automatically, select options in the Costing Task Pane to estimate the part cost.
  3. Select the CostingManager tab on the left side of the SOLIDWORKS software window.

Custom Operations

Costing_Create_Custom_Operation.gif Add Custom Operation Lets you create additional operations in the sheet metal template to add to the cost calculation.


The Setup FM_folder.gif folder contains the costs associated with manufacturing setups such as setting up machines to run a batch (lot) of parts. Each operation to manufacture the part requires a setup cost. If the setup cost is in the sheet metal template, it is recognized by the Costing tool.

For example, in the template, if you assign cut paths to a laser cutting operation, then the setup cost for the cut paths will be added from the template to the Setup folder.

Expand the Setup FM_folder.gif folder and hover over a setup cost Costing_Setup_Cost.gif to see how the cost is calculated.

The setup cost is per part.

Cut Paths

Cut paths are the tool paths that 2D machining operations, such as laser, waterjet, or plasma cutting will follow. In a part that starts as plate stock, any through holes, through cuts, or outside boundary geometry that needs cutting is cut using 2D machining operations by default, creating cut paths for these features.

The Cut Paths FM_folder.gif folder contains the:
  • number of cuts required for the part
  • cutting method to be used
  • cost of each cut
The cost of each cut is calculated by:

Cost = Cut Length * Cost Per Unit Length in the sheet metal template

Expand the Cut Paths FM_folder.gif folder and hover over a cut path FM_costing_cut_path.gif to see how the cost is calculated. Select a cut path to highlight the geometry in the model.


The Bends FM_folder.gif folder contains all of the bends in the sheet metal part. Bends are separated into two categories: regular bends and hems. All bends in the folder indicate the bend operation to use and the cost of each bend.

Library Features

The Library Features FM_folder.gif folder contains all forming tools and library features in the sheet metal part. The cost of each item is calculated per stroke as defined in the sheet metal template.

Hover over a library feature FM_costing_library_features.gif to see the equation used to calculate the cost.

You can dissolve library features on sheet metal bodies. If you need to manufacture a library feature with a laser or water jet machine, you can dissolve the library feature so the Costing tool can calculate the cost based on the length to be cut, not on a per-stroke basis. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the library feature and click Dissolve Library Feature. The library feature is converted to cut paths for the Costing tool to evaluate.

Custom Operations

The Custom Operations FM_folder.gif folder contains any operations that are not automatically recognized by the Costing tool. A custom operation cost can be calculated as a cost associated with the entire part, the part weight, specific part faces, part edges, or a single stroke operation such as a punch or bend operation.

For example, if the part is to be painted, you can assign a cost to paint the entire part or specific faces of a part. If you are painting specific faces, include a cost per area such as dollars per square inch to paint the part.

You can set custom operations in the sheet metal template and apply the operations automatically or manually.

You can also create custom operations without editing the template by clicking Add Custom Operation Costing_Create_Custom_Operation.gif in the CostingManager.

Each item in the folder displays the operation name you selected and the selection type.

Hover over a custom operation to see the equation used to calculate the cost.

No Cost Assigned

The No Cost Assigned FM_folder.gif folder contains features that:
  • are not recognized by the Costing tool
  • are not defined in the sheet metal template
  • have a zero cost

If you set a feature cost to zero, the feature moves to this folder. If you assign a cost to a feature in the No Cost Assigned FM_folder.gif folder, the feature moves to the appropriate folder and appears in italics with an asterisk to indicate an override. If a feature that you assign a cost to is not a cut path, bend, or library feature, then that feature is assigned to the Custom Operations FM_folder.gif folder.