Managing Tasks

The tasks you create appear in the Tasks panel.

  • You can filter which tasks to display, such as the tasks for Today, Future Dates, All, and so on, by using the Show Tasks box on the Tasks toolbar.
  • From the Tasks panel you can edit, copy, or delete any listed tasks and print the tasks list.

To edit a task:

  1. Click the task’s Title.
  2. Edit the task properties and click OK.
You can edit a task only when its Status is Scheduled.

To copy a task:

  1. Select a task row.
  2. Click Copy on the Tasks toolbar.
  3. Edit the task properties to create a new task and click OK.

To delete a task:

Select a task row and click Delete on the Tasks toolbar.

To print the tasks list:

Click Print on the Tasks toolbar.

To preview the printed list, click File, Print Preview. To change printer settings, click File > Print Setup.

To start Network Monitor:

Click Network Monitor on the Tasks toolbar to participate in distributed file conversion.