Creating a New OLE Object

To create a new OLE Object:

  1. Click Insert > Object.
  2. In the dialog box, select Create New.
  3. In the Object Type box, click the type of document you want to create (for example, Microsoft Excel Worksheet). Only documents from OLE-compliant applications that are installed on your computer appear in the list.
  4. Select Display As Icon for the new object to appear as an icon.
  5. Click OK. A new document appears inside the active document. The toolbars and menus for this new document appear in place of the SOLIDWORKS toolbars and menus.
    If you chose Display As Icon, an icon appears in your SOLIDWORKS document, and the parent application opens in another window.
  6. Edit the object as though you were working in the parent application.
  7. When you finish editing, click in the SOLIDWORKS document window anywhere outside the embedded object. The SOLIDWORKS toolbars and menus become available again.
    If you chose Display As Icon, click File > Exit or File > Close & Return to part_name in the parent application.