Using Drawing Sheet Sets in a Network Environment

When working with drawing sheet sets in a network environment, store the drawing sheet set data files (.dst) files along with the corresponding drawing template files in a network location. This location must be accessible to all team members.

Providing access to the .dwt file enables users to create drawing sheets within a drawing sheet set using the same drawing sheet creation template.

Recommendation: Store the .dst file and the drawings in the same folder.

Any member of the team can open the .dst files into the Sheet Set Manager. Modifying the drawing sheet set properties locks the .dst file for other users. A lock symbol () appears next to the drawing sheet set name in the drawing sheet set selection list.

Any member of the team can open a sheet from the drawing sheet list. The drawing that contains the sheet is not accessible to other users. A lock symbol () appears on the drawing sheet icon in the Sheet Set Manager. Locked drawing sheets open the corresponding drawing in read-only mode.