Associative Patterns (Premium and Enterprise Plus)

You can use the Pattern command to create copies of specified entities as a circular pattern, a linear pattern, or a pattern along a path known as associative patterns. The Pattern dialog box displays specific tabs based on the pattern type.

The copied entities inherit all properties of the original entities such as Layers, LineColors, LineStyles, and LineWeights.

Associative Patterns

You can create associative and nonassociative patterns. Entities within associative patterns retain their relationships. You can edit associative patterns in their entirety instead of changing the individual items in the pattern. In nonassociative patterns, editing one item does not affect the other items.

To make patterns associative in the Pattern dialog box:
  • On the Circular or Linear tab, under Settings, select Associative.

You can use the EditPattern command to edit associative patterns.

To undo the associativity of patterns, use the Explode command.

3D Patterns

You can create associative and nonassociative 3D linear and circular patterns.


Command: Pattern

Menu: Modify > Pattern

Ribbon: Home > Modify > Pattern