Mechanical Toolbox Overview

The Mechanical Toolbox add-in for DraftSight contains a set of standard 2D design, drafting, and detailing tools to help you create and annotate drawings.

You access the Mechanical Toolbox features through the Mechanical Toolbox menu or buttons on the Mechanical Toolbox toolbar.

With Mechanical Toolbox, you can:

  • Choose a default standard from a collection of data tables that define industrial and national standards, or create a custom standard based on one of the standards provided.
  • Insert standard hardware into your drawing in a number of 2D views by choosing from a collection of bolts and screws, nuts, pins, and washers.
  • Add predefined holes to a drawing by choosing from counterbored or countersunk holes with blind or through clearances.

    You can also specify geometric or textual hole dimensions and create associative charts of hole locations, which you can then add as annotations to drawings.

  • Detail drawings by creating, previewing, and adding surface finishes and welding symbols.
  • Design and add balloons to drawing entities.
  • Use the item data associated with balloons to add bill of materials tables to your drawings.

    You can export the contents of the tables as comma- or space-separated text files.

  • Track changes in drawings by creating revision tables with links to revision symbols.