Organizing the Sheets in Drawing Sheet Sets

Drawing sheet sets are named collections of drawing sheets from several drawings.

Within a drawing sheet set, you can organize drawing sheets and views in drawing sheet subsets and view categories. The Sheet Set Manager provides a tree view of each drawing sheet set.

Using Drawing Sheet Subsets

You can use drawing sheet sets to group sheets and manage them as a unit. Large drawing sheet sets can contain smaller sheets collections called sheet subsets. Subsets can include other subsets.

Subsets are useful for grouping sheets according to suitable criteria. For example, you can group sheets according to discipline or according to their status.

The Drawing Sheet List tab of the Sheet Sets Manager palette groups the functionalities for organizing named collections of drawing sheets.

Using View Classes

A sheet view consists of the following:
  • An external reference drawing in the Model workspace

    You can use sheet views to display the Model workspace from drawing files attached as external references to your current drawing. The sheet view includes all layers from the drawing files.

  • A viewport on a sheet

    The viewport displays the Model workspace.

  • A named view in Sheet workspace

    You can organize sheet views of a drawing sheet set into classes. For example, you can group views according to their type such as Elevations or Sections.

    On the Sheet Views tab of the Sheet Set Manager, you can display the list of views by classes or by the drawing sheet on which they are placed.

    The Sheet Set Manager palette groups the functionalities for organizing collections of drawing sheets.