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Defining Blocks

A Block is a collection of entities bound together as a single entity. After you create a Block, you can insert it whenever you need it in a drawing.

When you use the MakeBlock command, the Block is recognized in the current drawing only. The ExportDrawing command lets you write a Block to an external drawing file for use in any drawing.

To define Blocks:

  1. Click Draw > Block > Define (or type MakeBlock).
  2. In the dialog box, for Name, type a name for the Block, or select an existing Block to overwrite a Block. Names may have up to 255 characters, and may contain letters, numbers, blank spaces, and special characters such as $, #, _. The name is case-sensitive.
  3. For Description, type a Block description.
  4. Under Settings, select options:
    • Annotative scaling. Specifies whether annotative scaling is applied when you insert the Block.
    • Orient block to match scale. Specifies that in Viewports Block orientation matches layout Sheet orientation.

      This option is available only if you selected Annotative Scaling for Block insertions.

    • Apply uniform scale. Restricts the Block to a uniform scale when inserting the Block. Otherwise you can specify different X, Y, and Z scaling factors when inserting the Block.
    • Allow block to explode. Lets the Block explode on insertion.
    • Units. Lets you select different units from those in the current drawing.
    • Attach Hyperlink. Lets you specify a hyperlink for the Block.
  5. Optionally, select Edit in Block Editor to modify the Block definition or to create a CustomBlock.
  6. Under Base Point, set the base point that serves as the insertion point when inserting the Block. It is also the base point for changing the scale and serves as a rotation point during the insertion.

    Do one of the following:

    • Click Select in graphics area to specify the base point of the Block in the drawing.
    • For X, Y, and Z, type coordinate values.
  7. Under Block entities:
    1. Click Select in graphics area to specify the entities to form the Block.
    2. Set options:
      • Preserve as separate entities. Leaves the source entities as they are.
      • Convert to block. Replaces the source entities with a Reference of the Block definition.
      • Remove from drawing. Removes the source entities from the drawing.
  8. Click OK.

    If you selected an existing Block in Name, you are asked to redefine the Block.


Command: MakeBlock

Menu: Draw > Block > Define

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