Sketching Versus Drawing

In SOLIDWORKS, drawings are the 2D documents that you create from 3D part or assembly models. The tools that are considered drawing tools in 2D CAD software are sketching tools in the SOLIDWORKS software.

When developing models in SOLIDWORKS, you sketch geometric entities (such as rectangles and circles) as the basis for solid features (such as extrusions, revolves, and cuts). You can sketch entities approximately, then dimension the entities exactly.

The general procedure, from sketch through model to drawing, is as follows:

  1. In a part document, open a sketch and sketch an entity, such as a rectangle, approximately.

  2. Dimension the sketch exactly.

  3. Extrude the sketch to form a 3D solid base feature, which becomes the basis of a part.
  4. Open a new drawing, insert the part as a 2D standard 3 view, and insert the dimensions.