Bill of Materials Templates

The default template, bom-standard.sldbomtbt, or Bomtemp.xls for Excel-based BOMs, contains ITEM NO., PART NUMBER, DESCRIPTION and QTY. columns. The SOLIDWORKS software populates the columns in the default template automatically. Other templates supplied with the software add the following columns to the default format.

BOM template Excel-based BOM template Columns added to default format
bom-material.sldbomtbt Bomtemp-Material.xls MATERIAL
bom-stocksize.sldbomtbt Bomtemp-StockSize.xls STOCK SIZE
bom-vendor.sldbomtbt Bomtemp-Vendor.xls VENDOR NO
bom-weight.sldbomtbt Bomtemp-Weight.xls WEIGHT
  Piping BOM Template.xls CUT LENGTH
bom-all.sldbomtbt Bomtemp-All.xls VENDOR NO, WEIGHT, STOCK SIZE, MATERIAL

You must add the custom properties into the parts of your assembly in order to take advantage of the additional columns in these templates.

The bom-circuit-summary.sldbomtbt template for electrical route drawing BOMs displays a set of electrical route-specific columns, rather than the default columns.