Suppressing a Mate

You can suppress mates to prevent them from being solved. You can experiment with different types of mates without over defining the assembly.

Suppressing a Mate in the Active Configuration

  1. Right-click the mate in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Properties.
  2. Select Suppressed, and click OK.
    To unsuppress the mate, repeat the process, and clear the Suppressed check box.
    You can also select one or more mates and click Suppress (or Unsuppress ) on the shortcut menu, or click Edit > Suppress (or Unsuppress) > This Configuration .

Suppressing a Mate in Multiple Configurations

  1. Select one or more mates and click Edit > Suppress (or Unsuppress) > Specified Configurations (or All Configurations).
    If you select Specified Configurations, a dialog box appears.
  2. Select the configurations you want to change from the list, and click OK.
    You can control the suppression state of mates in a design table. The column header in the design table uses the syntax $STATE@mate_name (for example, $STATE@Coincident3.) In the table body cells, type S for suppressed or U for unsuppressed. See Feature Suppression State in Configurations.