Previewing a Mate Component in the Component Preview Window

The Component Preview Window facilitates the selection of items to mate. When you view a component in the Component Preview Window, you can zoom and rotate the view of the component independently from the rest of the assembly.

In this example, a concentric mate is needed between a rivet and the pivot hole in a scissors blade. Using the Component Preview Window makes it easier to select the small cylindrical face of the hole.

To preview a mate component:

  1. Open the assembly containing the components to mate.
  2. Select the component you want to view in the Component Preview Window.
  3. Click one of the following:
    • Component Preview Window (context toolbar).
    • Component Preview Window (Assembly toolbar).
    • Tools > Component > Preview Window.
    The Component Preview Window opens and displays the selected component.

  4. In the Component Preview Window:
    1. Zoom and rotate the view.
    2. Select the item to be mated.
  5. In the main window, Ctrl + select the second item to be mated.
  6. Select the mate type to add.
    In this example, a Concentric mate is added between the wall of the hole and the barrel of the rivet.
    The mate is complete.
  7. Click Exit Preview.