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What's New?

This section describes the new and enhanced functionality in Composer.

New Functionality

About Supported Import Formats
Higher versions of import formats are now supported.
Sharing (Default) Document Properties Across Teams
You can now save (default) document properties settings to a file that can be reused as a template. Collaborators in your team or organization are then able to load this file in Composer, in order to use the same (default) document properties. This makes it easy to harmonize globally document properties for all stakeholders working on a given project. For more information, see Sharing (Default) Document Properties Across Teams.
Ability to Control the Display of Hidden Edges for Selected, or Highlighted, Actors
You can now control whether hidden edges are visible when elements are selected, or highlighted. You can define the color and intensity used to display hidden edges.
In the (Default) Document Properties > Selection page, a new check box, Show hidden edges, and a new slider, Color Intensity, are now added in both the Selection and Highlight sections. For more information, see Selection.
In the Document Properties > Advanced page, four corresponding properties (Advanced Preferences) are available in the Selection category. For more information, see Advanced Properties.
Ability to Highlight in the Viewport Invisible Actors that Are Selected
You can now specify whether invisible actors (that is, actors whose visibility is switched off) should be highlighted in the viewport, when they are selected (in the Assembly tree or using another method). For more information, see Selection.
Delete Empty Groups at Import
The new IODeleteEmptyGroups advanced document property now lets you specify that groups that would end up being empty in the assembly tree after import, should be removed during the import process. For more information, see Advanced Properties.
Saving Multiple Configurations to Composer Files
You can save multiple or all configurations from SOLIDWORKS files to Composer files. If a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly file has multiple configurations, when you save the file as a Composer file, you can choose which configurations to save with the Composer file. Fore more information, see Input.

Enhanced Functionality

Loading Improvements
The following improvements are now available when loading Composer documents such as *.smg, smgXML, *.smgProj and fully shattered files:
  • The loading status is now displayed in the left-hand side of the status bar.
  • During the loading process, you can now press the Escape key to cancel the ongoing operation. This does not affect already-opened files.

For more information, see Importing and Opening Files.

Performance Improvements when Loading and Saving Composer Documents
Performance is improved when loading and saving Composer documents (*.smg, *.smgXml, *.smgProj, *.smgSce).
Selection Opacity Property Renamed Selection Intensity
In the (Default) Document Properties > Selection page, PMI Cross-Highlight section, the Selection Opacity property has been renamed Selection Intensity. The behavior of this property remains unchanged.

Removed Functionality

Removal of Show hidden edges and Intensity Application Preferences
The Show hidden edges check box, and the Intensity slider that were previously present in the Application Preferences > Selection page have been removed. These preferences are replaced by document properties to control the display of hidden edges for selected, or highlighted, actors.

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