Probe and Diagnose PropertyManager

You can use the Probe and Diagnose PropertyManager to probe poor-quality mesh elements and to take appropriate action to improve the mesh quality.

To open the Probe and Diagnose PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • In the Mesh Quality Diagnostics PropertyManager, select Switch to Probe and Diagnose when poor quality elements are detected.
  • Under Mesh Quality Plot, right-click a mesh quality diagnostics plot and select Probe and Diagnose.


At location Probes the results at the elements you select in the graphics area.
On selected entities Probes the results at the faces, edges, or vertices you select in the graphics area.
At Element number Probes the results for specific elements. Type the required element number and click Probe Result.
Isolate poor quality elements Probes the results of all poor-quality elements in the mesh quality diagnostics plot.
Show Mesh Helper Activates the Mesh Helper tool, which can guide you to take actions to improve the mesh quality.

Mesh Helper

Modify global mesh settings Activates the Mesh PropertyManager. You can reduce the global mesh size or switch to a different mesher to eliminate the poor-quality elements.
Mesh control assistance Helps you apply mesh controls to selected geometric entities that are listed under Entities associated with poor quality elements.
Select the entities to apply mesh controls and select one of the following options:

Apply selected changes

Creates mesh controls with the new mesh sizes reported in the table.

Create mesh control and remesh

Creates mesh controls with the new mesh sizes reported in the table, and remeshes the model.


Lists the element number, parameter value, and global coordinates of the probed mesh elements.

Poor-quality elements are shown in red. Good-quality elements are shown in green.


Lists the total number of poor-quality elements, the mesh quality criterion, and the failure criterion corresponding to the active mesh quality diagnostics plot.

Report Options

Save Saves the results data to a comma-delimited Excel *.csv file.
Capture Image Saves the active plot as a *.png, *.jpg, or *.bmp file.
Copy to Clipboard Copies the current resultsto the clipboard. You can paste the copied data in a Microsoft Word or Excel document.


Selects which annotations of the probed results are visible in the graphics area.
Show Node/Element Number Includes the node or element numbers in the probed results.
Show X, Y, Z Location Includes the global coordinates in the probed results.
Show Value Includes the value of the active mesh quality plot (Jacobian ratio, Aspect ratio, or Element volume).