Adding a Material Parameter

You can evaluate a wide range of design choices or optimize a current design by defining a parameter that sets bodies to use different materials as a design study variable. The bodies can belong to single-body or multibody parts.

To use a material parameter, first you select the bodies whose material will be parameterized. In the design study, you select the materials applied to the bodies for the different scenarios or iterations. You can use material parameters in evaluation and optimization design studies.

  1. Click Insert > Design Study > Parameters or click the Variable View tab of the design study, and under Variables, select Add Parameter.
  2. In the Parameters dialog box, under Name, type a name for the parameter.
  3. Under Category, select Material.
  4. Under References, select the bodies whose material will be set as a variable in a design study.
    Row Highlight Color Description
    Green Bodies assigned to the material parameter.
    Yellow Bodies already assigned to another material parameter.
    Orange Bodies assigned to the current material parameter and to a previously defined material parameter.
  5. Click Apply.
    An asterisk * appears under Linked to show that the selected bodies are linked to the material parameter.
  6. You can continue adding new material parameters, other parameters, or click OK to exit the dialog box.