Assigning Materials as Variables

After you create material parameters and link the bodies whose material will be parameterized, you specify a material or group of materials to apply.

In the Variable View of a design study, you can apply a group of materials to each material parameter. In the Table View, you can apply a specific material to each design scenario.

  1. In the Variable View tab, under Variables, add the material parameter.
  2. Click the Select Material cell on the material parameter row.
  3. Select a material from the SOLIDWORKS or custom materials library and click Apply. You can apply a group of materials to the material parameter.
    You can also switch to the Table View tab to specify one material for each design scenario.
  4. Click Close.
    The selected materials are applied to the bodies linked to the material parameter. The materials are listed next to the Select Material cell on the material parameter row.

    To assign a different material, switch to the Table View tab, and from the drop-down list of the selected material, click Browse.

  5. Repeat the steps for the next material parameter.
  • You can use materials as variables in evaluation and optimization design studies.
  • A body can be assigned only one material for a given scenario. If the parameters are defined such that a body has two material assignments, only the first material assignment is applied for each scenario. The material assignment considered for each scenario is listed in the Results View tab.
  • You cannot set the material of composite shell bodies as a variable in design studies.