Flatten Route Drawing PropertyManager

To access this PropertyManager, flatten the route subassembly and click Tools > Routing > Electrical > Flatten Route.

Drawing Options

Select tables and annotations to appear on the drawing. Click Open Table Template to browse for different templates.

Drawing template Selects a drawing template. The default template is Drawing.drwdot.
Sheet format template Selects a sheet format template. The default template is a2 - landscape.
Electrical BOM Adds a bill of materials to the drawing. The default template is bom-standard.sldbomtbt.
Cut list Adds a circuit summary table to the drawing. The table lists cut lengths and connection information for each conductor. The default template is bom-circuit-summary.sldbomtbt.
Connector table Adds a table for each connector with pin/cavity designations and lists the corresponding wires. The default template is connector-table.sldtbt.
Auto balloons Adds balloons for each item in the bill of materials.
Display wire balloons Displays wire balloons in the bill of materials.