Hole Alignment PropertyManager

In the Hole Alignment PropertyManager, select components to check and set the maximum acceptable hole center deviation.

To open the Hole Alignment PropertyManager:

Click Hole Alignment (Assembly toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Hole Alignment.

Selected Components

Components to Check Displays components selected to check for hole alignment. By default, the top-level assembly appears unless you pre-select other components. When you check an assembly for hole alignment, all of its components are checked. If you select two or more components, only the misalignments between holes in the selected components are reported.
Hole center deviation Specifies the maximum distance between centers for sets of holes to check. For example, if you specify 1.00mm, then sets of holes whose centers are within 1.00mm of each other, but not aligned, are listed under Results.
Calculate Click to check for hole alignment.


Displays the detected misalignments and reports the maximum deviation between centers for each set of misaligned holes. You can:
  • Select items to highlight them in the graphics area.
  • Expand items to list the individual holes involved in the misalignment.
  • Right-click items and select Zoom to selection.
If Hole Alignment recognizes some holes in a part, but detects that it cannot analyze a portion of the part, it lists the part in a folder named Partially Analyzed Components in Results. You should manually examine the part and related components for misaligned holes.