Working with Blocks PropertyManagers

The Block tool you select generates the content for each PropertyManager associated with blocks.

To open one of the Blocks PropertyManagers:

Make or insert blocks, or edit an existing block.

Block Entities

Identifies the sketch entities that belong to the block.

Make Block Pre- or post-select one or more sketch entities from the graphics area and create a block.
Add/Remove Block Select an existing sketch that includes blocks, and add or remove sketch entities belonging to that block.

Insertion Point

Specifies an insertion point by which to drag a block when you insert that block in a sketch. For example, you can set the insertion point as the midpoint of a sketch entity. Rotating or scaling a block is done around the insertion point.

Blocks to Insert

Inserts blocks into any active sketch. If the sketch includes blocks, they are listed under Open Blocks. You can insert multiple copies of existing blocks into the current sketch, or browse for other existing blocks.

Browse Locates blocks to insert.
Link to File Links the block to an external block file, and prevents edits to the current instance of the block. Other instances of the block that you insert into the current sketch include the same capabilities.

Existing Relations

Displays any relations between the current block and other sketch entities. The other sketch entities do not have to be blocks. Existing Relations does not list relations that may exist between the current block and nested blocks.


Edit Click to edit the current instance of the block, provided that Link to File is cleared.
Browse When Link to File is selected, click to search for a block to which to link.


You can specify the scale and the angle. Blocks are inserted at the scale and angle at which they were saved.

Scale Set a value to resize the block relative to the current sketch.
Angle Set a value to change the angle at which the block is inserted.