A group is a collection of related segments in a structural member.

You configure a group to affect all its segments without affecting other segments or groups in the structural member.

Types of groups are:


A continuous contour of segments joined end-to-end. You can control how the segments join to each other. The end point of the group can optionally connect to its beginning point.


A discontinuous collection of parallel segments. Segments in the group cannot touch each other.

  • You can define a group in a single plane or in multiple planes.
  • A group can contain one or more segments.
  • A structural member can contain one or more groups.

After you define a group, you can operate on it as a single unit. Use the Structural Member PropertyManager to:

  • Specify the corner treatment for the segments in the group.
  • Create weld gaps between segments to allow space for weld beads.
  • Mirror the profile of a single group.
  • Align, rotate, or translate the profile of a group without affecting other groups in the structural member.