Structure System

The structure system uses primary and secondary structural members in a workflow that makes it easier to create complex structure systems with flexible corner management and trimming.

You build primary members on a grid you create using 2D and 3D sketch segments, points, edges, reference planes, and surfaces. Secondary members each run between two primary members. You define secondary members by selecting a support plane and two primary members, or by clicking two primary members.

When you finish defining the structural members, the software opens the Corner Management PropertyManager so you can fine-tune the corner treatments. Corners update automatically when you make changes to the structure system or member profiles.

These tools make up the structure system feature:

Create Structure System Activates the Structure System mode. (Similar to clicking Sketch to enter Sketch mode.)
Primary Structural Member Adds members defined by sketch entities, points, reference planes, and surfaces.
Secondary Structural Member Adds members between two primary members.
Corner Management Groups corners into simple, two member, and complex corner types, and applies trim treatments.
Predefine pierce point in profile Defines a pierce point in structural member sketch.
Align Member Zooms to the profile of the structural member and shifts the profile to align the pierce points with the structural member sketch segment.