Weldment Cut List Tables

You can use a weldment cut list table to add a BOM-like table for cut, welded structural shapes.

When the first weldment feature is inserted in a part, the Solid Bodies fm_solid_bodies_folder.png folder is renamed to Cut list fm_cutlist_needs_update.png to indicate the items to include in the cut list. The icon fm_cutlist_needs_update.png indicates that the cut list needs to be updated. The icon indicates that the cut list is up-to-date.

Items that appear in the cut list must appear in the Cut list fm_cutlist_needs_update.png folder at the part level.


The option to automatically organize all of the weldment entities in the cut list is on by default in new weldment parts. To turn it off, right-click Cut list fm_cutlist_needs_update.png and clear Create Cut Lists Automatically.
Weldment cut lists use the units of the drawing for precision. However, the display of trailing zeroes in the cut list table is affected by the Trailing zeroes setting in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Tables > General . In some existing tables, you must replace the cut list with a new cut list to see this change. Additionally, if you change the setting, you must rebuild the drawing.

Although the cut list is generated automatically, you manually specify when to update it in a weldment part document. This enables you to make many changes, then update the cut list once.