Multisheet Drawings in Quick View

You can open multisheet drawings quickly by viewing most sheets in Quick view, which is a read-only mode that provides a simplified drawing representation.

To open selected sheets of a multisheet drawing in Quick view:

  1. Click File > Open.
  2. Select a multisheet drawing.
    If you double-click the drawing file, the file opens before you can set the options.
  3. Click Select Sheets and select options in the Select sheets to load dialog box:
    Option Description
    All Opens all sheets in Quick view
    None Select the sheet to be active when opened in Quick view.
    An asterisk appears next to the active sheet.
    1. Select the sheet to be active when loaded.
    2. Ctrl + select one or more other sheets to fully load.
  4. Click Open.

Loading Quick View Sheets

You can load sheets for multisheet drawings that you open with Quick view.

To load a sheet opened with Quick view:

  1. Right-click Sheet.
  2. Select Load Sheet.