Symmetry Face PropertyManager

The Symmetry Face boundary condition identifies surfaces of cavities and runner domains that belong to planes of symmetry. With this feature, you can avoid simulating both cavities in a symmetrical mold layout, saving simulation time.

To open the Symmetry Face PropertyManager:

  • In the Plastics CommandManager, expand Boundary Conditions, and click Symmetry Face .

Surfaces identified as Symmetry Faces behave as though they are thermally insulated, which prevents heat loss through these faces. When using the Symmetry Face feature, mold temperatures must be symmetric for both cavities.

Symmetry analysis is available with SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium.
Use caution when interpreting results from a simulation with a Symmetry Face boundary condition.



Specifies surfaces of a model that correspond to planes of symmetry. Selected surfaces highlight in blue in the graphics area.

  Show preview Displays a wireframe geometry of the symmetric cavity or runner domain in the graphics area.