Exclude from Warp PropertyManager

Warp analysis predicts the final shape and dimensions of a part, after an injection molding machine ejects it from the mold and it is fully cooled.

If your model features a single cavity plus runner system, multi-cavity, or family mold, then the entire model is subjected to warp analysis unless you explicitly use the Exclude from Warp boundary condition to exclude specific sections of your model. This enables you to account for the fact that, in reality, the runner system is automatically separated from the cavities as part of the ejection sequence, or is manually trimmed immediately after ejection in a secondary operation and, therefore, does not influence the overall warp behavior.

To open the Exclude from Warp PropertyManager:
  • In the Plastics CommandManager, expand Boundary Conditions, and click Exclude from Warp.
By default, Warp analysis excludes these domains:
  • Cooling Channel domains
  • Mold domains
  • Hot runner domains that you identify with the Filled Hot Runner boundary condition.

The Warp analysis module is available with the SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium product.



Selects bodies from the model to exclude from the warp analysis. Selected bodies highlight in blue in the graphics area.