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Setting Snap

The snap grid is an invisible grid in the graphics area. With snap activated, the pointer selects only points positioned directly on the snap grid. When you point to the drawing, start points, end points, center points, and other specific points lie exactly on points of the snap grid.

Use the Snap command to determine the distance between snap points. The snap grid follows the axes of the current coordinate system.

You can also use an isometric style of snap. Use isometric snap to create 2D isometric drawings representing 3D entities.

To turn snap on and off:

Do one of the following:

  • Click Snap on the status bar.
  • Press the F9 key.
  • Press the Fn + F9 key.

To set snap:

  1. Type Snap at the command prompt.
  2. To specify snap spacing, type a positive number or select two points that reflect the snap spacing.

    Typically, the snap grid coincides with the grid display defined by the Grid command. Another method is to set the snap grid to a partial fraction of the grid display.

  3. To turn snap on or off, specify the On or Off options.
  4. Set the X and Y spacing of the snap grid by specifying the Spacing option and specifying values for horizontal and vertical spacing.
  5. Specify the Grid style option and specify:
    • Isometric. Sets up an isometric snap grid aligned along lines 30, 90, and 150 degrees from the horizontal axis. Specify vertical spacing for an isometric snap grid when prompted. Unlike rectangular snap, isometric snap cannot have different Spacing values. Use the IsometricGrid command to determine the active isometric plane to draw on (left, top, or right).
    • Rectangular. Sets up an orthogonal snap grid aligned parallel to the X- and Y-axes of the current coordinate system.
  6. Specify the Orientation option to set the type of snap and specify:
    • Grid. Toggles to standard snap.
    • Radial. The radial snap grid aligns along polar angle increments. Specify the radial snap spacing.

  Create a coordinate system using the CCS command to determine a different base point of the snap grid from the origin of the World Coordinate System (WCS). The CCS command lets you also rotate the snap grid.


Command: Snap

Keyboard Shortcut: F9 to toggle snap mode

Status Bar: Snap (right-click for Settings)

Keyboard Shortcut: Fn + F9 to toggle snap mode

Status Bar: Snap

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