Convert Properties - Output File Details

Use the Output File Details page of the Convert Properties dialog box to set up basic properties for the output file such as the output path and error log folder.

To display this page:

Expand the Tasks node and click Convert. In the left pane, click Output File Details.

Output path Location where converted files are saved.

Build the output file path by typing static text and clicking to select from the following dynamic variables:

  • Source File Name
  • Source File Extension
  • Configuration Name
  • Source Folder Path
  • Vault Root Folder Path
  • Source File Revision
  • Source File Version
  • Source File Workflow State
  • Today's Date
  • Variables
Error log folder Location where error logs are saved.

The default location is \Logs\Convert.

This directory is created automatically in the vault root folder unless you change the location by clicking Browse.

Before running a conversion task, you must ensure that you have a workflow that specifies that .log files can enter the workflow. You can add a condition allowing .log files to enter an existing workflow in the workflow's Properties dialog box, or you can create a workflow specifically for task log files.

A workflow you create for task log files requires only one initial state. All users should have permissions to that initial state.