Logging In to an Archive Server

Before creating a new vault, you may need to log in. If the logged in Windows user account has administrative access on the archive server, login is not required.

To log in to an archive server:

  1. In the Login dialog box, enter the Windows user name and password of a user with access to vaults on the archive server.
    • To add the archive server and list its vaults, log in as a user who is a member of the attach access list in the Archive Server Configuration tool.
    • To perform administrative tasks such as creating, upgrading, or removing a vault, log in as a user with administrative access.
  2. If the Login dialog box includes a Domain list, do one of the following:
    • If you are using a local user account on the archive server, select the system name that is followed by (local account).
    • If you are using a domain account, select or type the correct domain.
  3. Click Log In.