Importing Vault Settings

The SOLIDWORKS PDM vault Import option lets you add settings that have been exported from another vault.

When you import data into Standard vault, the objects that contain features that are not supported by Standard vault are not imported.

For example, you can create a column set in one vault, export it as a .cex file, and import it into another vault.

The settings used by an exported object are included in the .cex file. For example, an exported workflow contains the settings the workflow depends on, such as revision numbers and BOM templates.

Group settings are included in .cex files for objects such as search cards, bills of materials, templates, etc. All permission settings are not included in the export files, for example folder permissions. Some user settings are included in the export files, for example user menu settings and Administrative permissions.
If you import a .cex file for a role or for a parallel transition that includes a role into a vault that already has a role of the same name, the data from the imported role does not replace or combine with the existing role. No messages are displayed.

You can import default vault settings:

  • When you upgrade to a new version of SOLIDWORKS PDM and upgrade existing vaults.
  • When you want to add settings that you did not select when you created the vault.
    If the object you are importing already exists in the vault, a warning appears asking if it is to be overwritten. Some objects, such as workflows, cannot be overwritten and are imported under a new name.

To import vault settings, do one of the following:

  • Right-click a vault in the Administration tool, click Import, and select a .cex file to import
  • Drag settings from the Administrative Export File dialog box to a vault.
  • Drag an object from one vault to another.