User Interface for Archive Server Configuration Tool

The User Interface for the Archive Server Configuration tool includes a tree view, a toolbar, and menus.

To open the application:

Log in to the archive server as a Windows user with administrator permissions, by doing one of the following:

  • From the Windows Start menu, click SOLIDWORKS PDM > Archive Server Configuration.
  • Right-click the Archive Server Icon in the system tray and click Open.

Archive Server View

Expand This Computer in the left pane to view the folders and their file vaults.

The Name, Database Server, Database Name, and Description for each file vault in the selected folder are listed in the right pane. Right-click a file vault to access the Relocate and Properties dialog boxes.


Start Server New archive folder
Stop Server Delete a file vault folder
Restart Server Default Settings


File > Exit Tools > New Archive Folder
View > Toolbar Tools > Delete Folder
View > Status Bar Tools > Default Settings
Tools > Start Server Tools > Backup Settings
Tools > Restart Server