Default Settings Dialog Box

Use the Default Settings Dialog Box to configure logins, assign permissions, and set the file status refresh frequency on client workstations. The dialog box includes tabs for Login, Security, and Refresh Interval.

To display this dialog box:

Click Default Settings (toolbar) or Tools > Default Settings.

To override defaults for a file vault, right-click the vault and modify the settings on the Login tab of the Properties dialog box.

Login Tab

Default Login Type Select SOLIDWORKS PDM login, Windows login or LDAP login and define Settings.
An administrator of a vault can select the following options:
  • Windows login to let users log in as Microsoft Windows users
  • Allow SOLIDWORKS PDM login to let users log in as SOLIDWORKS PDM users
For SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, the Default Login Type is SOLIDWORKS PDM login only.
Admin user Change the password for the Admin user.
SQL login Change the default SQL login account.

Security Tab

Administrative access Enable administrative permissions for Windows accounts.
Attach access Allow access to file vaults for Windows accounts.

Refresh Interval Tab

Refresh interval Set the file status refresh frequency.