Version Number Column

The Version Number column lets you view version information in the Windows File Explorer and Search tool file lists.

If your administrator has added the Version Number column using the Customizable Column dialog box in the Administration tool, you can see the column in the file lists. The column displays the local version and the latest vaulted version numerically in the following format:

local version/ latest version

In conjunction with icons, the numerical indicators show whether the file is newer, the same, or older than the file in the vault.

You can sort files in the list by clicking the Version Number column. Files are sorted in the following order:

Icon Meaning
The local file is the same as the latest vault version.
The local file is not in the vault or is a private state file.
The local file is newer than the latest vault version.
The local file is older than the latest vault version.
The file is not cached.

When you view folders, the Version Number column is blank for folders that are in the vault and displays the icon for folders that are not in the vault.