Viewing a User Pop-up Window

User pop-up windows are visible in Windows File Explorer and SOLIDWORKS views of a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.

To view user pop-ups in Windows File Explorer:

  1. Navigate to SOLIDWORKS PDM vault that has files checked out.
  2. Hover over a user name in the Checked Out By column.
    A window appears that contains information about the user who checked out the file.

    Depending on how much information has been added to the user's properties and how your network is configured, the following information that is specific to the user is provided on the card:

    User's login name and full name
    Date and time the user logged in
    Number of files the user has checked out
    Presence note from user.
    You can enter or edit this note from:
    • The SOLIDWORKS PDM menu accessible from the icon in the Windows notification area.
    • The user pop-up window that is displayed on hover over in the SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar.
    Sends user email
    Web sites included in user's properties
  3. To pin the card so it remains displayed, click .
  4. To close a pinned card, click .
    Administrators can configure to hide a user pop-up window in the Administration tool.