Receiving Automatic Notifications

You can receive automatic notifications generated by state changes of objects.

When you receive an automatic notification, a message appears in the lower right of the screen. You can receive a notification for a single file or for a group of files that changed state.

  1. Click the notification icon ( ) in the taskbar.
    The message appears.
  2. At the top of the message dialog box, choose from the following:
    • Forward - Opens the SOLIDWORKS PDM mail editor, where you can choose another user to receive the notification.
    • Reply - Opens the SOLIDWORKS PDM mail editor with the sender's name in the Send To field.
    • Discard message - Closes the message without adding it to the Inbox.
    • Inbox - Opens the Inbox.
    • Show Next - When you have multiple unread messages, displays the next message.
  3. Links or buttons at the bottom of the message provide additional options. The buttons available depend on the kind of notification. The default buttons are:
    • View - In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, previews of SOLIDWORKS files open in eDrawings and other files open in the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer.

      In SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, previews of only SOLIDWORKS files are available.

    • Open folder - Opens the folder containing the file in a new Explorer window.
    • Properties - Opens the Properties dialog for the file associated with the notification.
    • History - Opens the History dialog box for the file associated with the notification.
    If you are being notified that a file is being checked in, these links are included:
    • Check out - Checks the file out to you.
    • Get latest version - Copies the latest version of the file to your cache.
  4. Click Close.
    The notification is stored in the Inbox.